The greatest trick the SEO ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

SEO is dead.  Haven’t you heard?

This site (as of now) is a 1 page (drunken) rant about the (supposed) death of SEO by a (supposed) SEO expert.

Whatever recent Google update has prompted you to search about whether or not SEO is dead, and has caused you to end up on this site, I assure you the rant has always been, is still now, and will probably continue to be perfectly relevant to the current situation.  If this ever changes, I will update the site appropriately.

The date in the first sentence of the article is a code-generated date that will always display “today’s” date to illustrate the fact that this article is always relevant. The original publish date of the article was 25May2010, and I do update it a little from time to time as annotated.

I can be contacted directly at admin[-@-]seoisdead.net

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I want to be a professional seo expert
I am a beginner, the web is so full of crab and ppl whose aim is making posts only or those who want to look like an academic professors so they may make a looooooooooooong article with lots of big words that a non native speaker wouldn’t understand ( some words are even difficult to look up)
just to make it look like smth magical. I just need you to recommend to me where to start learning , what are the steps , and thus.

I would also be more than happy to work with or train in exchange for experience


Don Hesh

Hey, Ahmed.

100% Agree with you. There are some some useless search results coming for page one. because Google’s crazy algorithm.

My Suggestion is. Go for Google Adwords. Learn Adwords and Analytics A-Z. You will end up with a good Job offer. Also Facebook advertising working.






Let’s see if you got your comments on auto-approve, still.



Apparently not.